A screen capture of a TouchDesigner sketch.
Interactive Generative Visuals made in TouchDesigner
TouchDesigner is a node-based visual programming software developed by Derivative. It’s especially useful for hardware interaction, real-time graphics, multimedia production, and live performances/ installations. TouchDesigner allows me to create instruments for users to explore the power of emergent behavior and natural algorithms. It offers a powerful set of tools for designing and controlling multimedia systems, including support for audio and video processing, 3D graphics, data visualization, and interactivity.

My Process

I tend to get enthralled by natural patterns and try to understand the science behind them.  I hope to recreate some of the beauty of emergent behavior through interactive generative visuals by way of TouchDesigner sketches.  My process is iterative, each version seeing small changes and improvements on the last.  I usually fine tune an algorithm or experiment I’m working on and then choose a controller (often game controllers or midi controllers) that pair well with the installation and give the user the most satisfaction and control over their experience.