Frog Technology

This is an audio visual piece mapped to a midi controller where the user gets to control 8 parts of a track and each part also is animated visually. The knobs modulate both the
sound and the visual.

Reaction Diffusion Experience

A real-time replica of the miraculous reaction-diffusion algorithm, this piece models the dynamic interplay between chemical reactions and molecular diffusion. Inspired by natural phenomena such as fingerprints, coral, and fish markings, this installation showcases the algorithm’s ability to generate complex, self-organizing patterns. Made in TouchDesigner.

Dynamic Bridge Particles

A user interacts with a particle system installation

The University Bridge is rendered as a particle system; interaction with the Leap Motion Controller allows you to open the bridge for sailboats and tugs. Created with TouchDesigner.

Colorful Catalysts

Another shot of a guest interacting with generative immersive art

Let the waves of the Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction wash over you in this real time mimic of the algorithm. Interacting with the midi controller reveals different algorithmic variations. This piece has been projected onto the windows of the south tower of the University Bridge for the last few months to brighten up travelers’ evening commute, as well as making appearances at venues around Seattle. Made in TouchDesigner.

Spawn Scape

Jump into life under the University Bridge with this 3d model of daily salmon spawning counts, interact with the custom salmon keyboard to switch between last year’s Chinook, Coho and Sockeye counts, and control the school by a joystick, visualizing the total count for each day of last years spawn. Made in TouchDesigner.

Weather Synthesis

Screenshot from a real-time weather visualization project

Drawing from live weather data, transforming meteorological information into a multisensory experience. Users become enveloped in the ever-changing atmospheric conditions surrounding the University Bridge, from cloud cover to rainfall and wind speed fostering a deeper connection to the immediate environment.